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2018 Week 1, St. Francis (PA): Game Breakdown and Fearless Prediction

It's what we do every week: copiously go over the opposing game notes and analyze the upcoming game matchup. Thanks to St. Francis (PA)'s game notes , which is the source of all of this research (and a very, very long offseason of obsessing over this game). Let's not wait any longer, and let's get right to this thing!

Lehigh Football's Short And Very Brief Encounter With St. Francis (PA) In 1922

Lehigh was in a pickle. Catholic (DC) had cancelled their game with Lehigh scheduled for October 7th, 1922, and the football team needed a replacement, fast. Though it's not immediately clear if Charles M. Schwab , then-CEO of Bethlehem Steel, put in a call to the Saint Francis College and Ecclesiastical Seminary in Loretto, PA to fill in on Lehigh's football schedule, it is a distinct possibility.  After all, right hand man (and functioning chief operations officer) Eugene Grace was a Lehigh graduate and athlete, and little happened at Bethlehem Steel or Lehigh University that escaped the notice of both men. St. Francis (PA), which only had 165 students enrolled at the school, had just restarted football for the first time under new head coach John J. "Speedo" Laughran , a former football star at Pitt.

2018 Week 1, St. Francis (PA): Weather Report and Getting Your Tailgate Ready (Including Burger and Drink of the Week)

If it's our first game of the season, it's time for our first weather and tailgate report for the season! All season I do posts on the specific happenings happening around the football game, which includes tailgating, special promotions, and other fun stuff like "Drink of the Week" and "Burger of the Week". This week's weather report is a good one. Despite the current heat in this area, thankfully for football fans this Saturday the forecast currently calls for much cooler temperatures in the low 80s and partly cloudy .  In fact, there are supposed to be passing showers the night before, so the natural grass at Murray Goodman should be in pristine condition, not all dried out.

2018 Week 1: St. Francis (PA): My Notes on the Lehigh Two Deep This Week released the game notes for the first Lehigh football game of the season between Lehigh and St. Francis (PA). Below the flip are my thoughts and analysis about the depth chart for the season opener.