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Showing posts from July 3, 2005

I-AA Interactive Map update

Lots of love has been going into this project.. I've added: * Team Icons on the map - now instead of pinpoints, they're the team logos! * Added all the Patriot, Ivy, Atlantic 10, and MAAC Teams. I also added Monmouth of the NEC as that's the next conference I will tackle. That means I will have 10 of Lehigh's 11 opponents in the map already! * When you click a Team Icon, you'll get the full team name, logo and league graphics, where they're located, stadium name, and capacity. * If you switch to "satellite view", and zoom in all the way, you can really see (most) stadiums! It shouldn't be hard to add more teams. Adding more functionality may be difficult, but I'm always looking for more interesting stuff. I encourage you to use it and to give me feedback through the comments section!

Nice New Blog Feature

When you're writing or blogging about I-AA football in this dead time of year, the temptation is great to start new threads that normally wouldn't see the light of day the rest of the year. For example, starting a lively discussion about the speculation that Fordham is going to jump to the Colonial Athletic Association football conference to help form a 16-team super league. Or perhaps, speculating on Richmond's chances of jumping to I-A competition. Instead, I actually was working on doing something for my site that is fun and useful. Playing with the Google Map API, I designed an interactive map of all the Patriot League schools. There's a marker for all 7 of the football-playing schools in the league. Click on the marker, and you'll get some information on each school and their stadium. You can zoom in and out using the + and - buttons on the map. By clicking and moving your mouse, you can scroll around on the map as well. Here's another cool trick: