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Lehigh/American... and Super Bowl Sunday

Though I haven't a copy of this literary masterpiece, somehow I doubt that the press gaggle bothered to check this out before interviewing former Saints QB Archie Manning and his son (who happens to be the QB for the Indianapolis Colts in the Super Bowl this weekend). Supposedly written by Archie himself (though the credits include "with John Underwood", legendary ghost-writer for athletes such as Ted Williams), Archie pontificates about how messy Peyton was as a kid, raising kids who are now in the "family business" as NFL QBs, and his personal history. This book has a lot more facts than the " puff pieces " being written about the lead-up to the Super Bowl, which is becoming even more comical than ever this year. You know there's a problem when few people are talking about the Super Bowl around here, or about Peyton Manning, or about Tank Johnson, or anything. Without a doubt the best Super Bowl pieces are coming from the ESPN Sports Guy , my


It's that recruiting time of year that is simply excruciating for Lehigh fans. We seize on little bits of tomato or salad (like in this picture), scraping by for some sort of update on who Lehigh head coach Andy Coen is looking for, or sniffing around to think about where assistant coaches are driving (or flying) to talk to recruits. There are tireless folks out there (like RichH and ngineer on the voy board) that consistently get the steak for us, working hard and combing over the local press reports for scraps of tantalizing information... who reports for us, and we eagerly gobble down the information. I'm a fan, just like anybody else, and I admit I look over RichH's posts on the voy message board and look at the recruiting websites. But (with no offense to RichH) until I have an official announcement from Lehigh, I tend to make an attempt at curbing my enthusiasm - especially when it comes to reporting who's committed and who hasn't. It is not a stance that e