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Why The Wind Of Change in Collegiate Realignment Matters: Fordham

With the best Commodore VIC-20 graphics available for the cover art, Jefferson Starship 's "Winds of Change" album seriously underwhelmed pretty much everyone at the time, yielding few hits. Some folks think just because collegiate realignment has yielded few hits on the Patriot League hit parade, it doesn't really matter to them. I mean, what is it to the Patriot League if the CAA comes back from the jaws of the dragon, or if Conference USA is out of control, or the Atlantic Ten is simply dreaming that the Big East basketball conference breaks apart? As I started to mention yesterday , it very much does matter.  In the case of Georgetown, their TV deal with the Big East could very much affect the availability of aid for other sports programs, including football. In the case of Fordham, the Patriot League's other affiliate program in football, the winds of change are, without question, even more pronounced.

Why The Wind Of Change in Collegiate Realignment Matters: Georgetown

As weakly-sung 80's hair metal ballads go, you could do a lot worse than the Scorpions ' "Wind of Change", the German group's documentation of the fall of Soviet-style communism in Eastern Europe.  (Though I never could get into Klaus Meine 's vocals, which were always comically flat to me.) To some Patriot League fans, the wind of change blowing through collegiate athletics right now seems as distant to them as the Scorpions' last hit record.  Does it matter, they seem to say, that the Big East might break apart?   The Patriot League, after all, has their core ideals and priciples, and if the rest of the NCAA tears itself apart over money, ego, or something else, what is it to the schools of the Patriot? The answer, of course, is absolutely everything - no matter what any deniers might say.  As I'll demonstrate in this blog posting, what happens in the Big East could potentially make a very big difference in the Hoya football program.