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Showing posts from April 29, 2007

Lehigh: Filled With White Men?

Imagine my surprise when the following post from Deadspin was called to my attention. Apparently, not only did a "couple of Ivy Leaguers" determine that white referees call a disproportionately high number of fouls on black NBA players, apparently Bob Fortune ('70) was Deadspin's poster child for the article. Why Bob, though, to represent the "white" NBA? Last I heard, Bob never even sniffed the NBA. As a matter of fact, no Lehigh player, white or otherwise, has even even made it to the NBA. Sure we've had a couple coaches (Pete Carril and Bob Hill) make NBA coaching staffs, but even arguably our best-ever player, Darren Queenan ('87) only made it to the CBA. Okay, so you could call it a case of white "racial profiling", right? Lehigh's filled with great white players that get favorable calls, is that the argument? Well, fast forward to the Lehigh Athletics Convocation , where two of our men's basketball players won awards,

Blog Plastic Surgery

This is a very quick blog posting to let you know that the blog has undergone a major facelift. It's gone through a long-overdue template upgrade, reorganization of special features, and (the biggest job of all) undergone some "FCS Map Surgery" which involves my re-jiggering (a technical term) of the FCS Map to become a shareable map on Google MyMaps, which can then be ported to other websites. It will probably take some time to get all the data in there and make it look great. Please leave comments on the new layout, the FCS Map, or anything else you'd like to see on this page.