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Showing posts from May 6, 2007

The "New" New Realities, Part I

Three months ago, I started a series of blog postings called " The New Realities " that attempted to talk a little bit about the issues facing the Patriot League and football in particular. It wasn't bad for what it was - a Lehigh perspective on the challenges of the Patriot League and a possible direction going forward. After starting this impossible task, I quickly realized that I was tackling a subject over my own head. I had opinions on what was right, but this subject deserves a hell of a lot more perspective than that. It deserves a discussion around the league, about what is working, and what ought to be looked at again for 2007. It deserved hours of phone calls, days of research, complete looks into history - a complete job. Without further ado, here's something that can be done in today's day and age with blogs: a relaunch of the same series I started months before - this time, only better. The "New Realities" are back, tackling the basic

Quick Hit: NFF Fanpoll

While doing research for my "New Realities" piece on the Patriot League, I stumbled across this site from the National Football foundation, with the following poll: "What is the best rivalry in college football?" If you're reading this site, of course you know that it's " The Rivalry" ", Lehigh/Lafayette! When I discovered this poor orphan poll Lehigh was languishing with something like 4 votes. Show your love to the Patriot League, and "The Rivalry", by getting it all the way up to #1! I mean, Notre Dame and USC have played each other, what, only 78 times? [UPDATE: Check the link . Readers are getting the job done... all I'll say is it's a lot more than 4 votes now... keep up the good work!]