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Lehigh Announces Class of 2009

Lehigh Football Nation is pretty excited this week following the announcement on of the recruiting class of 2009. [Updated with link to Express-Times Article, and additional facts on "Players to Watch"] The 29 student-athletes come from as far away as Westlake High School in Texas and as close to the Lehigh Valley as Liberty High School in Bethlehem. Overall, recruiting seemed to go very well in "our backyard" of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The incoming class has a lot of good pure athletes that could play as offensive or defensive players. Speed (as it should be) seemed to be a major factor in recruiting. This has served Coach Lembo well in years past. Curiously, there were no QBs in this year's recruiting class. It looks like coach Lembo recruited strongly in our need areas. As a result, we recruited and committed many WRs, DBs, TEs, and defensive front seven players. I'm pleased with the list of wideouts especially, but also with th