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Showing posts from January 14, 2007

Lehigh/Lafayette Weekend... almost

It's not quite the same as a Lehigh/Lafayette football weekend, but for a cold weekend in January it's not bad - and you can still catch the Bears/Saints on Sunday. A full slate of Lehigh sports is on tap - and it should be a great sports atmosphere on both nights. The Lehigh wrestling team, coming off a rough dual loss last week to Navy (their first loss to Navy in ten tries), will try to rebound against EIWA foe Cornell (#11) Friday night at Stabler Arena. Playing Cornell for the 85th time, this one could be a challenge as we're coming off injuries in the middle weights. To avenge last years' loss to SUNY-Ithaca (Colgate's pet name for Cornell), we will need ranked senior heavyweight Paul Weibel and 141 lb Matt Ciasulli to continue their torrid pace. In wrestling, though, the key is the EIWA championships, and a win here could really get the ball rolling for March. The men's basketball team (8-12, 3-1), after falling 64-59 in the "trap game" to

The Saints and Destiny

The Saints playoff win -- only the SECOND in franchise history -- was sweet to these fans, but more bittersweet for me (see my post from last week ). It's strange watching a game with two teams you like - the emotions all get tempered. RB Reggie Bush fumbles the ball - you feel a pang in the gut, but you don't throw the remote at the TV. Eagle head coach Andy Reid elects to punt on 4th-and-15 - you shake your head, but you don't bang your head against the wall. It's probably the closest I will ever get to feeling what it's like to be a non-fan - the person that gets dragged into sports who simply could care less. (Kind of like me at a NASCAR race.) Like the week leading up to the Saints/Eagles game, it's bittersweet. It's sad to see my wife - who now is starting to bleed Eagles colors - low because the Eagles lost. She doesn't hate the Saints, but she's no fan either. When Westbrook scored that TD in the third quarter, she was standing u