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Showing posts from February 27, 2011

Sports Weekend, 3/4/2011: Lehigh's Mission: Silence Sojka

Lehigh's wrestling and men's basketball teams have one mission this weekend: to travel to the cow pastures in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania and silence Sojka. And no, I don't mean the Polish jazz musician, either. Bucknell's Sojka Pavillion will be hosting two huge events this weekend that are of interest to Lehigh fans: the 107th EIWA Wrestling Championships (which will determine the Lehigh wrestlers that will go on and compete in the NCAA Championships in Philadelphia, PA), and Lehigh's win-or-go-home game against the Bucknell Bison in the semifinals of the men's Patriot League basketball tournament. It's going to be a "deluxe" weekend out in the cow pastures they call Lewisburg, PA for Lehigh fans.  Their goal will be to allow the locals to hear the mooing in the pastures - and keep Sojka's home fans in stunned silence for 72 hours. (more)

Women's Patriot League Quarterfinals: Lafayette

A nine game winning streak to end the year?  That's good, I think. Achieving two thirty-point wins against Bucknell and Holy Cross at home last week?  That's OK, I guess. A well-deserved Patriot League Player of the Year and Defensive Player of the Year award for senior G Erica Prosser ? That's nice. But you've got to believe that the Lady Hawks are excited about one thing, and one thing only about the first round of the Patriot League tournament Saturday night at Stabler arena - the fact that Lehigh has the opportunity to enact some revenge. (more)

Men's Basketball: Quarterfinals: Navy

Patriot League basketball is fun - and terrifying - because it all comes down to winning three games in March. The first of these games is tonight, where the Mountain Hawks could be playing their final game at Stabler Arena one way or another against Navy. Whether you head to Stabler to provide a true home-court advantage to the Mountain Hawks, listen to the game with Matt Kerr and Greg Falkenbach on ESPN 1230 and 1320, or you catch the game on Patriot League All-Access , you'll be taking part in the most terrifying game of the season - unless Lehigh wins, where you'll get to do it all over again on Sunday. (more)