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Q & A with... Ernest Moore

On Wednesday, as a part of my new job as preview columnist of the College Sporting News, I was fortunate enough to be able to go to Patriot League Media Day and interview players, coaches, and the commissioner of the Patriot League, Ms. Carolyn Schlie Femovich. My full report on the goings-on at Media Day were detailed on College Sporting News, including this exclusive interview with the commissioner about all the topics surrounding the future of the league.

In attendance from Lehigh were head coach Andy Coen, senior QB Sedale Threatt and senior FS Ernest Moore. I took time to sit down with Ernest and talk to him a little about the upcoming season.

CB: Last time I saw you play was in the spring, when you delivered that big hit... Fans in the stands heard that loud crushing sound of pads!

EM: I wouldn't say it was a monster hit, but I appreciate you saying that. I try to do what I can do.

CB: As captain, you're the true leader of this defense now. What have you done in the pres…

Patriot League Media Day 2007

Patriot League media today was today. For the uninitiated, it's a day for the media to hear the story of the upcoming football season as told by the players, coaches, and league brass. I'm planning to write a fuller recap tomorrow, but I wanted to weigh in with some "quick hit" observations first.

* Lafayette was the surprise #1 pick in the Patriot League Preseason Poll, with Lehigh only one vote behind. This may not necessarily be a bad thing, considering that the preseason poll winner hasn't ended up winning the league since Lehigh did it in... 2001.

* However, it wasn't the only surprise in the poll. Nationally-ranked in some polls, Holy Cross was picked to finish 4th behind Colgate (who was 4-7 last year). Colgate and Holy Cross were only separated by two votes as well, which shows something real interesting: the teams themselves don't seem to have a real clear vision as to who's going to take this thing. Parity among the top four - some would…

Patriot League Offseason, 2007

Patriot League Media day, which I will be attending on Wednesday, is oh-so-close to being here. I think I finally realized this on Friday, when it dawned on me that I hadn't released my annual review of the offseason for all the teams of the Patriot League. (Yes, carney2 on the Any Given Saturday board offered his review about five months before I did, but maybe I'm not as bright as that ol' curmudgeon is.)

I can think of no better way to usher in Media Day - and, by extension, the 2007 season - by posting my offseason review. Basically, it's your guide to what's been happening up to this point in the Patriot League.

Coaching Changes: Defensive coordinator Jared Backus jumped to Temple to become their defensive line coach, while Andrew Cohen returned to the Bison to take over instead (coming from Columbia where he helped propel the Lions’ defense lead the way to a 5-5 mark).Two more assistants also left – WR coach Devin Fitzsimmons (now at KansasState) an…