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2018 Week 9, Bucknell: Game Breakdown and Fearless Prediction

We break down the Bucknell game - and we give our fearless prediction, below the flip. Like Lehigh, the Bison are 1-7, but unlike Lehigh, the Bison have played a whole lot of close games. Two weeks ago, Bucknell came a two-point conversion away from tying Lafayette but fell just short in a 29-27 loss to the Leopards, and had the ball with a chance to win the game late in the fourth quarter. They also played William and Mary close to start the season, falling 14-7, and their lone win of the season came against Holy Cross, the same Crusader team that walloped Lehigh last weekend 56-0.  When the Bison played them, two Bucknell touchdowns and two Bucknell field goals were enough to carry the Bison through in a 19-16 win. Like many Lehigh opponents, Bucknell always enjoys extracting their pound of Mountain Hawk flesh if they are able.  The Mountain Hawks have won 17 of their last 19 meetings against the Bison, and they are likely to put their absolute best foot forward with a ch

2018 Week 9, Bucknell: Tailgate Report, And How To Catch the Game

At Murray Goodman Stadium this weekend, two Patriot League teams will be looking for their second win and trying to end the 2018 season on a high note.  Lehigh (1-7, 0-3 PL) takes on Bucknell (1-7, 1-2 PL) this week on "Heroes Day", where all first responders (military, fire, EMT, police) can pick up a game ticket free of charge at the Goodman Stadium Ticket Office. If you can't make it to the game, you can catch the contest on TV on the Stadium Network via these over-the-air networks  or watch the feed of that broadcast online through the Patriot League Network .   Matt Martucci, Ross Tucker and Marisa Pilla are the over-the-air broadcast team. You can also catch the game on FOX AM 1230 and 1320, with Matt Kerr, Tom Fallon, Matt Markus and Mike Yadush on the call, with the most excellent Lehigh pregame show starting at 11:30 AM.  You can get it through your regular radio, listen to the broadcast  streamed through TuneIn , or just simply going to the  LVFoxS

How Lehigh Can (Maybe) Unbreak a Broken Season

There really aren't any other words to use.  The season is currently  broken . Anyone who bravely worked their way to the game last weekend in rainy, windy Worcester, Mass had to have come to the same conclusion. The only thing keeping 2-6 Holy Cross from breaking their previous high-water mark of 59 against the Mountain Hawks was mercy.  In the red zone late in the game, the 2018 Holy Cross Crusaders would settle on their largest-ever margin of victory against Lehigh in program history, taking a knee to win the game 56-0 instead of probably winning the game 63-0. Things... looked... broken . "This is an embarrassment," head coach Andy Coen rightfully said on the radio after the game.  "We didn't do anything right." Every stat sheet passed out to the Lehigh players and coach staff ought to be put into a burn cage and set afire. There should be a parental campus-wide internet filter preventing anyone associated with Lehigh from Googling t