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Showing posts from July 23, 2006

Swordfights & Shots Across The Bow

I'm continuously amazed about the amazing free-flow of information these days. The speed of news everywhere is moving at a record pace. Images from Iraq and Lebanon are broadcast to us mere hours after they happen. The sexuality of N' Sync's bassist is beamed to us moments after their publicist announces it. And, at a I-AA football level, speeches from league commissioners uttered at league "media days"can become, in effect, "shots heard around the world". Proposals can have the effect of being invitations for a swordfight. We're less than a week from the Patriot League's media day, but thoughts of summer practice and Lehigh's new 3-4 defense maybe should be taking a back seat to a legislative proposal coming out of the OVC and Big Sky media days. Thanks to I-AA Waves, the only national radio show devoted solely to I-AA football, a proposal mentioned by the Big Sky and OVC commissioners has come to national light. It's a proposal to have

LehighSports Q & A with Andy Coen

No new content here, just get your digital butt over to to read coach Coen's extensive interview . I think this comment may just sum up coach Coen's style: What can we expect to see from the players on an Andy Coen coached team? I want the young men who play for Andy Coen to be excited about playing the greatest game on Earth. They will be well-schooled in the fundamentals of the game and they will learn how to play the game the right way. Football is a very physical game, and regardless of the position, our players will understand that. I also expect them to be emotional and intense. Looking forward to summer workouts.