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Showing posts from February 13, 2011

Sports Weekend, 2/19/2011: February Madness at Stabler

It's usually called "March madness", but for the Lehigh men's basketball team it might as well be called "February Madness". "The Rivalry" on the hardwood, of course, would be a big deal even if both teams were winless going into this so-called winter month, with Madness-like temperatures outside possibly reaching 70 degrees. But with Bucknell and American, in effect, locking up the No. 1 and No. 2 seeds in the Patriot League tournament in March, this weekend's game, televised nationally on CBS College Sports this Sunday at 2:00 PM Eastern, will have gigantic implications for the incredibly valuable No. 3 seed.  The winner will have the inside track at the No. 3 seed, a home game in the first round of the playoffs, and a fighting chance to play in the championship.  The loser could be the No. 5 seed or worse, playing on the road in the first round and facing a very, very uphill climb at a shot at the Patriot League championship. It's

The Patriot League Composite Schedule, 2011

Over at College Sporting News , one of my (many) side projects has been to compile the entire schedule for the 2011 football season.  As a part of this, of course, is the Patriot League football schedule. While every Patriot League schedule is unannounced so far by the league office and the member schools, I've been able to piece together the schedule at the CSN web site . The picture it paints is nothing short of fascinating - and it might even offer an insight as to the visions the football schools of the Patriot League has for themselves. (more)

Everything I Know about Lehigh's Class of 2015, Part Two

(Photo Credit: The Madison Patch ) Last week, I posted a large write-up on Lehigh's incoming class.  Once that was done, I realized I had more key bits of information on the incoming class that deserved its own blog post - stuff I've written already, of course, but also some new articles I was able to dig up (like one on QB/ATH Matt McHale , pictured to my left). Just in case you weren't jacked up already, below the flip enjoy more tidbits of information on the incoming class.  There was a lot I got the first time - but plenty, plenty more that I was able to compile once Lehigh announced their class of 2015 last week. Enjoy!   (more)