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Revolutionary Thinking to Save the CAA

In every place in America that I've lived, there's been evidence of the times of the American revolutionary war. Close by, in some form or another, I've been amongst 18th-century farmhouses and ancient taverns where George Washingon, Ben Franklin or John Adams might have sipped madeira or stayed the night. I've visited 12 of the original 13 colonies (South Carolina is the only one that has evaded me). I've been to Boston, the epicenter of civil disobedience against the British, and live near Philadelphia, where the founding fathers made a functioning government amidst the chaos around them that still, to this day, serves as an example worldwide. The theme of revolution seems to be apropos to the collegiate realignment maelstrom that continues to swirl through collegiate athletics as we speak, making ridiculous ideas like Boise State in the Big East and Pitt in the ACC seem somewhat justifiable in the face of all logic. In such an environment, could there

Congratulations to the Class of 2012

For some reason, this picture (credit to graduate  Larry Shulman , who tweeted this picture of graduation as it happened) seems to perfectly capture the state of Lehigh's graduating class of 2012. Lehigh graduates are entering an uncertain world, where youth unemployment is high and the jobs of tomorrow aren't exactly as clear as they could be. Some, like the young woman in the picture, seem just a bit apprehensive of what's up ahead. Here's a dirty little secret, grads: there's always something to be apprehensive about. But you have the tools - starting with your Lehigh degree - to make it.