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Showing posts from August 6, 2006

Brand-New Beginnings as Preseason Begins

The time for waiting is through. Oh, you thought I meant that I was announcing that Lehigh preseason practice has finally, finally started ? I meant that I'm finally, finally back from my tradeshow trip to Las Vegas for my day job. A long trip punctuated by a terrorist threat and (more importantly) a 3-hour blog posting getting eaten by the blogging gods, I never felt more homesick than when I read that spring practice had started and I was clear across the country. Whole articles had appeared, I-AA Radio shows went on the air, and I-AA and Lehigh fans were buzzing, and I was nowhere to be found. It was upsetting in a way that may not be evident to someone who hasn't blogged on a certain subject before. You feel like it's you're responsibility to break the stories, and instead you're attending technical conferences, or playing blackjack somewhere. You nfeel like you're shirking your responsibilities. Even so, I did spend a lot of time on a posting about Hunter T