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Showing posts from December 7, 2008

Exams... And A Week Without Blogging?

Yep, a week without blogging about Lehigh. I guess I just experienced my end-of-the-football-year crash, officially. I didn't even sum up last week's games - even the thriller against Albany this Monday, a very, very big December win for these Mountain Hawks. (You have to watch the final seconds on the post-game show. Trust me, it's worth it.) Fortunately for me, it's exam time - and there's nothing big on the Lehigh schedule this weekend. In the next couple of weeks, I hope to have some special football goodies available here, including a season recap, "Hawks of the Year", and other good stuff. Don't forget too that it's the "Final Four" in the FCS playoffs, featuring James Madison, Northern Iowa, Montana... and Richmond, the team that at one time was thinking about going to the Patriot League. I mentioned in my weekly preview of the FCS games this weekend to be afraid of the Spiders.