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Patsy Ratings: Georgetown's Class of 2017

(Photo Credit: Washington Post) The term is "Hoya Paranoia", and back in the 1980s it meant the hoops legend of John Thompson, Patrick Ewing and the golden era of Hoya basketball.  There's even a blog dedicated to those teams in that time frame. To Hoya football fans, though, the term Hoya Paranoia has meant something much different. To them, head coach Kevin Kelly has been fighting a losing battle in the Patriot League, despite being one game away from the title in two of the last three years.  They say that the new reality that has football scholarships in the Patriot League is bad, bad news for the Hoyas, and that the inevitable decline of the program is right around the corner as a result. In this reporter's opinion, in past seasons, the argument hasn't held water.  The past three seasons have seen the Hoyas come dastardly close to knocking off the Mountain Hawks, and they've beaten every other team in the Patriot League at least once. But