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Lehigh 49, G'Town 18, Final

Not a complete effort, but still an impressive win. Borda went 15-for-30, but with 4 TD passes. In the 4th quarter, FS Karrie Ford recovered a fumble for a TD that put to rest any thought of the Hoyas coming back in the game. Give G'Town some credit: they really got their offense moving against a tough Lehigh defense. It looked like Lehigh over-committed to the run, and gave QB Crawford the pass, and despite his struggles this year, he was able to take what out defense gave him and had a very good day throwing. Lehigh's defense, however, did not cover well underneath once the gameplan was evident. The Hoyas continued to get yardage in 10, 12, 14 yard chunks. Offensively, Lehigh really was able to move the ball very effectively. But it took a long time for the "O" to get in synch. There were dumb penalties from the "O" line, and a bunch of dropped balls. The "O" line did do a good job of keeping their ends out of Borda's face, though.

Lehigh 42, G'Town 18, end of 3rd Quarter

Lehigh offense is really taking advantage of mismatches on defense. Borda with another great day passing. Nice catch-and-run by Winfred Porter at the beginning of the 3rd quarter. Having said that, this game hasn't been pretty. Sloppiness on defense and special teams can maybe slide against the Hoyas, but not against Fordham or Lafayette. G'Town's kickoff return for TD showed a Lehigh special teams unit which has not had a particularly good day. Go Lehigh - let's play a good quarter and put this away.

Lehigh 28, 'Town 12, halftime

The Hoyas have fought admirably on their home field so far against Lehigh. But for a team with so much less talent than Lehigh, this Mountain Hawk fan is disappointed, especially with the defense. SS Courtney Elder is having a tough day so far. If G'Town can gain yards in these type of chunks against us, imagine what Lafayette could do in 2 weeks' time? Or - hopefully - a 1-AA playoff team like (shudder) Hampton? Kicking continues to be a concern. On of the Hoya TDs was set up by a short kickoff going (grr) out of bounds, and a second kick nearly did as well. Offensively, we are still shining. WR Gerran Walker was wide-open for Lehigh's fourth TD. TE Adam Bergen has 2 TD catches. Walker also returned the opening kickoff for a TD - he's a lock for a game ball. Tune in for the second half!

Lehigh 21, G'Town 12, mid-2nd quarter

Frustrating! Hoyas getting yards in chunks against out "great" defense! The defense has been out to lunch today. Borda has struggled, overthrowing some balls. Seems like the Hoyas are getting good pressure on him. Bergen with a great day so far - 2 TD. Time for Lehigh to get their act together. Come on now!

Predictions of Other Games

Predictions of Other Games In the Patriot League: Marist at Holy Cross. Can the Red Foxes, the second MAAC team to play Holy Cross this year, duplicate Duquesne's feat and beat the Crusaders on their home field? Marist won't get only 106 *total* yards like they did last week against Duquesne, but I figure they will still lose out to an improved Crusader squad. Holy Cross 24, Marist 16. Fordham at Bucknell. Hard to see Fordham contain Bucknell on the road, after the Bison righted the ship against Holy Cross. Hard to see Bucknell contain Fordham at home after giving up 28 points to Holy Cross. I'm predicting a close back-and-forth game, with Fordham wanting the win just a little but more. Fordham 38, Bucknell 35. Lafayette at Colgate. The game of the week, with lots of potential title and playoff implications. Will a determined, talented Colgate team give Lafayette their first huge test on the road? Or will the Leopards, with a week off and control of their own d

Live Lehigh/Georgetown Broadcast; Press for Lehigh/Georgetown

Live Lehigh/Georgetown Broadcast News flash: in addition to the regular media outlets for Lehigh games (AM 1230 and 1320, Service Electric TV2), there are also 2 other live broadcasts over the internet: one audio, and one video. Audio: WGTB 92.3 Video: HoyaVision The audio broadcast of the game will be from the Georgetown perspective, but it's free. The video requires you to sign up, and is $8. Two guesses on which one I'll be doing, and the first guess doesn't count. I'll give you a hint: I'm $8 poorer. Press for Lehigh/Georgetown Allentown Morning Call: November 4th Patriot League Notebook All That's Standing between Lehigh at 600 Wins is Georgetown Easton Express-Times: Lembo Keeps LU Focused Brown & White: Hawks Try to Avoid Letdown Hoyasaxa.Com: Pre-game report: Lehigh vs. Georgetown Quotes: Lehigh's players and coaches aren't nearly as concerned about earning the 600th win in school history Saturday at George

Lehigh/Georgetown Preview

Lehigh/Georgetown Preview OK, now I'm in the home stretch... time for my weekly Lehigh preview. With all the hubub about last week's game, the media (and to be honest, even this reporter) had kind of forgotten the Hoyas. But it must be remembered - a loss to the Hoyas would put the Patriot League title and I-AA playoff berth in jeopardy. So it must be treated as a must-win game. Lehigh Injury Report TE Steve Burant (OUT) OL John Reese (OUT) FS Kaloma Cardwell (OUT) OLB Jon Guynes (OUT) DT Royce Morgan (OUT) LB Randy Rovesti (OUT) WR/PR Bilal Morris (Doubtful) OL Tom Toth, out since Week 2 with an ankle injury, rejoins the team, possibly at RT. Backup C John Reese is out, so RT Adam Selmasska would fill in at backup there. Other than that, the Brown & White came out of the Colgate game with no new injuries - just in time for November, and the home stretch of the regular season. History Your great-grandfather may remember the early days of this "

Lehigh at #9; Playoff Scenarios

Polls Lehigh is currently ranked as high as #9 in the latest polls! Sports Network (#9) Any Given Saturday (#9) ESPN/USA Today (#12) Dopke.Com (#14) The only issue I have is, why in Sam Hill is Lehigh ranked only #12 in the ESPN/USA Today poll? Montana (who lost to a bad Portland St. team last week), Wofford (who haven't beaten anybody), and Cal Poly (who lost to UC Davis) are still ranked ahead of them. Personally I don't think anybody gives credence to the ESPN/USA Today poll over the Sports Network poll, and (looking at this week) for good reason. Playoff Possibilities in the Patriot League With the playoffs looming at the end of this month, the 1-AA football season enters its home stretch. In the Patriot League, we have 4 teams that have a chance to win the title and/or make the postseason. Surprisingly, one team in the driver's seat for a possible title is Lafayette, a team that most people (including this reporter) picked to finish 5th or wo

Press Roundup

Press Roundup Since I'm way past deadline on this, here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to do 3 posts today. This post will contain the press roundup for this past weekends' Lehigh/Colgate game, but I won't do my usual cut-n-paste thing. If you want to see the video highlights, read about Coach Lembo's Winston Chirchill quotes, or hear about how QB Mark Borda tried to sneak into Lehigh games as a kid, you can check out the links and read/view them yourselves. Next post will be: Polls and Patriot Playoff Scenarios. The post after that will be: Lehigh/Georgetown Preview. Everyone OK with that? I thought so. So let's get crackin'! First of all, if you have Windows Media Player or RealPlayer, you can see the highlights of the game here from CSTV: CSTV Real Media Player CSTV Windows Media Player As for the print writeups: Morning Call: Lehigh Overruns Colgate Borda Uses His Legs to Beat Colgate Hawks Could be Headed to Dream

Basking in the afterglow; Game Balls; Weekend Prediction Recap

Basking in the Afterglow Lehigh Football Nation is stil basking in the afterglow of the Colgate win. What an incredible game. Lehigh fans everywhere are happy that Lehigh has survived their toughtest test of the year against a very good Colgate team, and put them squarely in charge of their own destiny for the Patriot League title. All that remains is taking care of business in the last 3 regular-season games. I'm going to do the press roundup tomorrow, along with a special "playoff scenario" piece concerning the Patriot League teams still in the running for the title and the playoffs. Game Balls I don't think some of these are big surprises, but here they are: Offense: Sophomore RB Marques Thompson (112 all-purpose yards, 2 TDs) Sophomore RB Eric Rath (124 all-purpose yards, 1 TD) Junior QB Mark Borda (134 yards passing, 2 TDs) Special mention: The entire "O" Line gets game balls for big 3rd down plays and a huge 4th-and-1 conversion:

October Surprise

This one doesn't involve anything political, this involves a very happy "October surprise" to report. Your intrepid reporter forwarded a special 1-AA "gameday" diary of the Lehigh/Colgate game, and guess what? It's now on published on their website!!! Fan Diary: Lehigh vs. Colgate Please go on over there and enjoy! Tomorrow, I'll give out game balls, press roundup, and all that stuff, but tonight I'm going to take a break! See you again tomorrow!