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Showing posts from July 4, 2004

Action Item: LehighSports.Com Fan Poll

Sophomoric? Possibly. But here's an action item for the people who go to my corner of the blogosphere to get an update of all the happenings of Lehigh football. On the current Lehigh webpage there's a poll question: "Other than, what is your primary source of information for Lehigh Athletics?" Now you and I know that you get all your Lehigh sports information from Lehigh Football Nation, right? That probably should be your first instinct. Come home from Goodman stadium; Lehigh Football Nation. A Pavlovian response. But unfortunately it's not a selection on their fan poll - a curious oversight. So if you like Lehigh Football Nation, please surf on over to and select "Other", so that the world can see where people really get their Lehigh sports news. Thanks for your support. Only 61 days until Lehigh takes on the Seawolves of Stony Brook. (Incidentally, if you go to the football index on lehig