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Lehigh 28, G'Town 3, final

Lehigh won this game on defense, as our "D" has made big strides from last week and playmakers are starting to emerge. Unfortunately, on offense and special teams the same mistakes continue to plague our squad, making this a game into the 4th quarter when it shouldn't have been. 21 of these 28 points were a result of turnovers by the Hoyas, who really have to start worrying about their turnover-itis in a big way. On the plus side, Lehigh made these turnovers pay off for us. I'm continuing to be frustrated by this offense. I really am perplexed by the inability to get sustained drives going and a short passing game. There were many 3rd downs that resulted in Threatt getting flushed out of the pocket and frequently getting sacked. The big difference with this team and the great Higgins and Lembo teams were the ability to pick up that big 3rd-and-8 reception to keep a drive alive. So far this year, we haven't been doing this with any sort of consistency. Not onl

Lehigh 28, G'Town 3, mid-4th

FS Ernie Moore gets the big interception and return and Marques Thompson gets it in. Now, G'Town's big chance for the upset is now soundly put away. Moore and (I think) Austin) are the playmakers that got the big turnovers to make this happen. It's nice to feel comfortable again in the 4th quarter for a change.

Lehigh 21, G'Town 3, early 4th

Big fumble, and Thompson squeezes past tackle and gets a big, big TD. Big play from the defense - I think the fumble was forced by Austin? - and the offense finally got the job done. Looking good now, after I went through my moment of abject panic.

Lehigh 14, G'Town 3, end 3rd

More of same. Sloppy play on offense and special teams in a game where the Hoyas are ripe... RIPE... for the upset. Making matters worse, the Hoyas re driving here. It's yet another game where we're taking too many chances on offense, make too mny mistakes on special teams, and we don't put the hammer down. Now, it's a game into the 4th quarter. At this point I'm hoping we get out of here with a win.

Lehigh 14, G'Town 3, halftime

Keep in mind I'm listening to this game, not watching it. Threatt-to-Trovato, for the Lehigh TD at the end of the half, salvaged another sloppy half offensively, plagued by penalties and a big turnover in the red zone. But I'll take the 11 point lead. Threat and the offense have been their maddening selves. Going for the home run ball when a pass underneath would do. Big Marques Thompson runs reversed through penalties. Holding the ball too long and taking a sack. It's another day where we're showing flashes of great play, followed be mental lapses that have you reaching for the Alka-Seltzer. The "D" has done its job, forcing (at least) one turnover and holding the Hoyas to a FG after an 8-minute drive. I'll have to look at the stats, but they sound like they've getting the job done so far. Second half coming up. Most importantly, we need to PUT THE HAMMER DOWN. I don't like that the Hoyas are "hanging around" mostly because we

Lehigh 7, G'Town 3, end 1st

The Hoyas went on an impressive 8 minute drive against our defense, but only could get a FG out of it. Lehigh's offense was effecient, with Threatt hitting sophomore TE Troy Healion for the TD. Penalties, unfortunately, are killing us - a personal foul negating 1st-and-goal, and starting the second quarter a holding call negated a big RB Marques Thompson run. It's been OK, but not encouraging. We needmore discipline here. Hopefully next quarter we'll see improvement.

Friday Water Cooler: Lehigh/G'Town

It's that time again - you can tell from the cheesy graphic to your left that it's Friday Water Cooler time. It's time for game predictions, what I did last weekend, last minute Lehigh/G'Town notes, press mashups, and (of course) some general misbehavin'. Of course, despite the presence of North Korea and Iran pursuing nukes, the shocking "Foley and Hastert Congressional Page Scandal", and (of course) dogs in cute costumes, the really big news in the world OUGHT to be: Lehigh Football Nation has now eclipsed the 100,000 hit plateau! Maybe I ought to commemorate this somehow, like printing up some T-shirts? ESPN/Sports Radio Are Becoming A Bunch Of Teenage Girls No, really. Have you been following the T.O./McNabb stuff on ESPN, or the "New York Fans Now Hate A-Rod" stuff? I'm all for personal angle stories, but this teenage business has got to be some of the dopiest stuff I've heard in the history of sports reporting. "Coming up next:

Preview of Lehigh/Georgetown

You could say Georgetown comes at the best, or worst, possible time for the Mountain Hawks. I don't think anyone pointed to the game this week in the preseason as a "must-win" game for Lehigh. But there it is. Lehigh needs to win the game this week at Georgetown, and win it with some gusto. If we can dominate this team, it could show a Lehigh team that is coming together just in time for league play. If we lose this game, our championship hopes will be over. Not COULD be over - WILL be over. At 1-3, there is no more margin for error if we want to win the Patriot League title, and all league games count more than usual. But even so, a complete win here is really needed. Why? With no wins over the last three weeks, it's imperative that Lehigh fans (and Mountain Hawk opponents) see a team this week that they could visualize winning the Patriot League championship. Lehigh's 1-3 start should mean that there is no more swagger, no more expectation that Lehigh just shows

Press Roundup: Harvard/Lehigh

I am very busy with my latest diary - not to mention my Lehigh/G-Town preview - so this will be shorter than most. But here is the press roundup from last week's game. Also, I wanted to announce my "Players of the Week" this week. On offense, it's going to go to senior RB Marques Thompson. Although he didn't score a TD, his 114 total yards showed a gutty performance in his first real game as Lehigh's feature back. He was clearly ready to play, and was a difference-maker out there. On defense, I'm going to give it to junior DB Daynin Blake who was the best multi-dimensional player out there on defense. He managed to rush the passer extremely well (with two sacks) and defended the pass well (with a pass break-up and 4 tackles). Special teams, it's no contest: it's going to senior PR/WR Frank "Playmaker" Trovato. I think it's as much for his 49 yard punt return that was a big play that probably should have put the hammer dow

Sunday's Word: Close

This word may come as a surprise. Originally I thought it was going to be: "Playmakers", since it didn't feel like there were enough of them, especially on defense last weekend against Harvard when the chips were down. But it's not time for backbiting as we hit the first REALLY important game of the season. It's time for a reality check. September is done. What do we have here for Lehigh football in 2006? We have a team that is "close", but 1-3. We've had a team that's made critical mistakes (and no phase of the game has been immune). We've had "coulda, woulda, shoulda". We are a team that has played four awfully good football teams. We've found a way to come from behind and win one football game against a tough Villanova squad, but could not find a way to come back and win against three teams that either are in the I-AA Top 25 or close to it. None of these games have been blowouts. In none of these games can you say, "Lehi