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Showing posts from June 12, 2011

Two New Assistant Coaches, And An Incoming Recruits Update

In Lehigh football news this week, we see some news on the coaching front - and a couple of updates on the incoming class that have been sitting in my inbox for a while. (more)

Mercer and Stetson Flap Their Wings, and an Earthquake Happens In the Missouri Valley?

(Photo Credit: The Macon Telegraph) You may have missed it, but two pieces of news happened in the last six months that may have a much more profound change on the landscape of FCS football than you might think. In November, Georgia-based Mercer College announced they would be fielding a football team for the first time in 70 years . And in March, their Atlantic Sun leaguemates Stetson in Florida also announced their intent to do the renovations necessary to bring football back to their campus as well after a 55 year hiatus. Chaos theory tells us that small variances (like Mercer and Stetson starting football) sometimes have large, unpredictable ripple effects very far away (like a larger realignment in Midwestern football conferences). Seem crazy? Not exactly. (more)

Katy Perry, and Sports Blogging in the Twitter Generation

(Montage Credit: OK! Magazine) So this morning, I wake up and head to the office like I always do.  I get to my cubicle, check all my emails, get my work environment set up, and try to put out the fires that cropped up over the weekend. I check all the cosmetic changes that I made to the blog this weekend, my first major update to the look and feel to the website since 2007 .  Is the statistics counter working?  Yes.  Everything looking OK?  yes.  New banner, telling new and old readers what the blog is about?  Yes. Once complete, I then fire up TweetDeck, the program I use to connect all my social media accounts. And there, to my great surprise, I see: "Trending Topics: LFN | Twitter." Huh?  What the heck happened to @LFN, my Twitter account? If that's not a lead-in to a blog posting on the generational split and the state of blogging and social media, I don't know what is. (more)