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Patriot League Offseason 2005

Yeah, I've been sitting on this year's offseason recap - I thought now would be an excellent time to whet everyone's appetite for the 2005 season, with Patriot League Media Day only a scant 10 days away. Here's one crazy fan's opinion on how the offseason went for every school in the Patriot League. [Updated with new Lafayette information from AGS] BUCKNELL Coaching changes: Guy "Tripp" Merritt was lured away from his position as defensive coordinator and recruiting coordinator to return to the head coaching duties he formerly held at Davidson. Key Graduation Losses: QB Darius Wilson, DL Corey Mayo, LB Kevin Ransome, CB Virgil Rush Key member of incoming class: RB Taylor Ray, a 4-sport star out of Holy Trinity Episcoipal in Melbourne, FL, was a natural wingback in high school and will integrate seamlessly into Tim Landis' system. Incoming Class Grade: B. Again, Landis has proven that he can bring in lots of quality players at the skill positions. Ho

EA Sports Disappoints again

I didn't want this to be my yearly diatribe against EA Sports, but with their release of NCAA 2006 without Patriot League teams yet again has forced my hand. Forget Karl Rove, reporters going to jail, and partisan bickering - here's a REAL outrage for you. It happens every year. Around this time every year, EA Sports releases its college football game to the various gaming consoles like Playstation 2 or XBox. Last year at this time I wrote about the anticipation of the new features of the game, along with the hope that -- finally -- I'd be able to play a full Lehigh schedule in the game, complete with Lehigh/Lafayette, I-AA playoffs, and a true I-AA championship. EA Sports has been making NCAA Football simulation games for nearly 10 years now. They have evolved from (relatively speaking) primitive playcalling and cartoony graphics games to games filled with live commentators, touchdown celebrations, dynasty modes, and a gameday experience that is chillingly similar to th