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Showing posts from August 18, 2013

14 Days Until CCSU - No. 14, Randall Lawson

Two weeks from today the season will start! At no. 14, we look at sophomore DB Randall Lawson  as our highlighted Lehigh football athlete today.

15 Days Until CCSU - No. 15, Stephen Sansone

We are now officially under a week from the start of the 2013 college football season!  And, of course, 15 days until the season opener for Lehigh! At no. 15, we look at sophomore WR Stefan Sansone as our highlighted Lehigh football athlete today.

Know Your 2013 Opponents: Georgetown

(Photo Credit: Deborah Kolt Photography ) If Sesame Street sponsored the 2012 Georgetown football season, unquestionable it would have been brought to you by the number 5. 5 as is in: number of wins, a 5-6 season. But more unusually, though, 5 was also the number of quarterbacks that attempted a pass for the Hoyas last season. An incredible run of injuries at the most important position on the field saw the Hoyas fall back to a 5-6, though they did win two out of their last three games, including their third straight over Lafayette, 20-17. The Hoyas will always bring a strong defense to the table, as always.  But this year, Georgetown's title contention hopes most likely rest in the hands of senior QB Isaiah Kempf - and hopefully not four more quarterbacks.

16 Days Until CCSU - No. 16, Rickie Hill

(Photo Credit: Donna Fisher/ The Morning Call ) Holy crap.  Is it really only 16 days until the season starts? Today, our honored athlete is senior SS Rickie Hill .

17 Days Until CCSU - No. 17, Courtney Jarvis

The clock has ticked to 17 days left until the Mountain Hawks' season opener vs. Central Connecticut State. At N o. 17, we look at senior CB Courtney Jarvis  as our highlighted Lehigh football athlete today.

18 Days Until CCSU - No. 18, Matt McHale

(Photo Credit: ) The clock has ticked to 18 days left until the Mountain Hawks' season opener vs. Central Connecticut State. At N o. 18, we look at junior QB Matt McHale  as our highlighted Lehigh football athlete today.

Lehigh's Summer of Pro

During the football season, I've gotten in the writing habit of picking a "Sunday Word", and using it to describe what happened the previous week. I've been slack in getting this going this preseason, but the only possible word that can perfectly summarize this Lehigh football offseason is " pro ". The NCAA's big ad campaign for years now has been that "most athletes go 'pro' in something other than sports".  And for the great majority of Lehigh athletes, year-in and year-out, this is still true. But this offseason we've seen an unprecedented number of Lehigh athletes trying their hand at 'pro' ball - and Lehigh fans everywhere couldn't be more thrilled or excited.  There are a lot of "pro" adventures to follow for Lehigh fans right now, and it's damned exciting stuff.

19 Days Until CCSU - No. 19, Ryan Pandy

Yes, it's a little late, but better late than never.  Only 19 days until opening day vs. Central Connecticut State, and in excitement is getting to be fever pitch. Today At no. 26, we honor incoming  freshman PK Ryan Pandy .