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Showing posts from March 21, 2010

Spring Football Season Is Officially Here

If it's late March - and Lehigh doesn't have any more wrestlers making all-American status , or the men's or women's basketball teams aren't playing in the NCAA tournament - that must mean it's time for spring football, where Lehigh coaches start to figure out their gameplans for 2010. While last season's 4-7 record was nothing to write home about - well, okay, the awesome victory over Lafayette certainly was - what we did learn about this team last year is that they have been battlers over the course of last season.  Things got tough, and it wasn't fun for a long stretch of the season, but ultimately their hard work did, at least, pay off in the biggest game of all. With the core of the offense returning, along with some key defensive pieces, that battlers' mentality matters.  We know that these guys work hard.  But with a new offensive coordinator in town and a possible NFL player graduating ( senior LB Matt Cohen ), there still are plenty

Lehigh 42, Iowa State 79, final

It felt weird not actually attending Lehigh's women's basketball NCAA tournament appearance in person.  I had been to Lehigh's two other shots in the NCAA tournament: in 1997 (at UConn) and 2008 (at Rutgers). The Lady Hawks had a powerhouse team that smashed through the Patriot League regular season and dominated in a way that Lehigh women's basketball had never dominated before, to a 29-3 record and (for good measure) going undefeated against the Atlantic 10 as well.  Their only three losses came to American, Vanderbilt, and Princeton, all of whom played postseason basketball this year. This NCAA Tournament appearance was supposed to be different than last year's. But it wasn't.  (more)

Can Lehigh Shock the World? (Part II)

Everyone in America now knows that Lehigh's men's basketball team gave Kansas a very tough time for a while in the NCAA tournament on Thursday night.  The men's team didn't shock the world - a win of a 16 seed over a 1 seed would have done that - but they did open up some eyes.  (Not as many as Northern Iowa did , but hey, I'll take it.) Tonight - at 9:30 PM on ESPN2 and online on ESPN 360 - Lehigh's women's basketball team will attempt to do the exact same thing, sorta.  Lehigh's women's basketball team will attempt tonight to win Lehigh's first-ever game in the NCAA tournament - but the odds on this "upset" happening are not " a googolplex to one ". Lehigh will open up some eyes tonight in the women's basketball world since they will hang - and maybe even beat - Iowa State (who are playing, in effect, a home game).  Some might even call it a shocker.  But the 29-3 Lady Hawks should not be a surprise to anyone.  For