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Showing posts from July 18, 2004

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love EA Sports

It happens every year.  Around this time every year, EA Sports releases its college football game to the general public.  If you're a college football and Playstation 2 nut like myself, it's a time of great anticipation.  Visions of pixellated players delivering bone-crushing hits to virtual quarterbacks.  Getting your third-string running back a 100-yard rushing game against a patsy team (or better yet, a member of the Top 25).  Setting up a "dynasty" mode and coaching your favorite team to a bowl game, or (even better) a playoff to determine the true national champion. And many of you, like me, are asking the perennial question.  "Are Lehigh (and the Patriot League teams) in there?" For years, there seemed little hope of getting any 1-AA teams or conferences in the game.  In the "olden days" (think 1996), it was a minor miracle to see any of the non-major conferences like the MAC or Sun Belt represented in the game.  Adding insult to in