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Alice Gast Announced as New Lehigh President; Patriot Players in NFL Tryouts

Normally I wouldn't cover something like this in my blog, but the announcement of Alice P. Gast as the new president of Lehigh is, well, big news. As some of you may know, current Lehigh president Greg Farrington is stepping down, presiding over a fantastic eight year period in Lehigh's history, especially in regards to Lehigh football. I'll spare the details on successful initiatives like the "Shine Forever" and 2020 initiatives and his work to get more of an international Lehigh presence, but I will mention that I feel that under his term in office Lehigh's football team and athletics department have been a great success. In 2004, Farrington and benevolent Lehigh donor Murray Goodman -- yes, Murray Goodman is not just a name on our football stadium -- endowed the "Murray Goodman Dean of Athletics" position. ( Joe Sterrett ('76) - a famous football alumnus - was given the position then, and he still holds the position today.) Clearly, with i