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Final Thoughts on the Spring Game

(Photo Credit: Matt Smith/The Express-Times) With the spring season officially in the books - and the 43-43 tie now finally the last public word on the spring football season - I thought I'd empty out my notebook in regards to the spring season and my thoughts going forward.

Brown 43, White 43, Final

(Photo Credit: Kevin Mingora/The Morning Call ) Head coach Andy Coen said after the Brown/White game had you called him up last night, he would have wanted a result like the 43-43 score that he (and Lehigh Nation) got on this picture-perfect morning for spring football at Murray Goodman stadium. After the defense dominated the proceedings early, the offense, led by team captain senior QB Mike Colvin , rebounded from three early picks to connect for a touchdown to set up the tie, and coach Coen saw the White offense finally take from the Brown defense, sending all the Lehigh folks home fairly happy but with an eye on all of the work that still needs to be done.