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Showing posts from January 15, 2006

We Have Two Assistant Coaches

The official announcement comes from on coach Coen's first two assistant coaches. One is a name I dropped yesterday from the rumor mill, and the other is from coach Coen's days at Penn. Both have ties to the local area, and are, like coach Coen, being "brought home". Coach Coen nabbed TE coach Brett Sawyer (pictured here), who comes to the offensive staff from Penn where last year he coached Quaker TE Chris Mizell to become an honorable mention all-Ivy selection. A former offensive lineman at Muhlenberg ('98), Brett has spent the last three years coaching at Princeton and Penn, where he has gotten a reputation of being an excellent recruiter. Interestingly, Brett's recruiting area at Penn includes some areas that haven't been largely represented in years past at Lehigh: North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin. Another name who is coming "home" is Allentown Central Catholic head coach Donnie Roberts

Just Reporting the Rumors

All of Lehigh Nation is anxiously awaiting the announcement of coach Coen's staff, and trying to divine the tea leaves from the various announcements, the press conference, and (of course) what Marty overheard Joe tell Frank at the basketball or wrestling games. Everyone wants to know: Who's staying? Who's going? Are there players who have left the program, or maybe staying another year? Is OL coach John Powers (pictured here) staying or going? It's an odd place for Lehigh Nation to be right now. Normally we're counting the days until spring football or eagerly going to to find out when the Class of 2010 will be announced. Instead, we're trawling every corner of the web trying to figure out who's in and who's out. After an exhaustive search, I've identified three serious issues that fans are looking at. 1) OL line coach John Powers: staying or going? I've heard reports that he's already been out the door, with coach Coen t