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Hoping in 2021, the "Hope of the Next Game" Returns for Lehigh and Patriot League Football

What does a guy who covers the Patriot League do when there's no Patriot League events to cover? In ordinary years, this would be a rhetorical question.  Ordinarily, I would be pushing out pieces about Lehigh football, Patriot League sports, or perhaps previews on College Sports Journal , which I operate.  From early May through early January, during an ordinary year I am covering Lehigh football best I can while also coordinating writers that make excellent content on primarily G5 and FCS schools. In this hellish COVID year of 2020, the "what do you do now?" question became something I actually had to ask myself.   2020 for everyone on the planet has been a harrowing experience.  But I fully acknowledge and understand that me and my family have navigated this landscape probably the best we could, and we are damned lucky.  We've had family members who have had COVID, but the older members of our family clan, including my wife's 91 year old grandmother, have been s