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Showing posts from April 15, 2007

Brown/White Game Tomorrow

With the conclusion of the spring season tomorrow, I'm going to be heading up to Bethlehem this weekend to attend the Brown/White scrimmage on what should be a fantastic, sunny, 70 degree day. (Finally!) Starting at 1PM, it's free and open to the public, and gives fans like me a chance to get an idea of what the 2007 Mountain Hawks might look like.

If you can't make it to Goodman, the next best thing is to make your way to to get the audio broadcast of the game. For those who are not aware of the service, you can get audio and video of Lehigh sporting events and other goodies for $5 a month as part of the College Broadcast Pack. For me, during the football season, it's an invaluable way for me to catch up on games, watch the mid-weekly press conference, and also watch the weekly Lehigh Sports Magazine which frequently has important insights on the coming week from coach Coen.

Due to new NCAA rules, the incoming freshman class will not be honored at…

Weekend Practice, and Coaches' Clinic, Big Success

You might think that the following picture of football coaches might be from a Notre Dame, Army or Navy spring practice. Think again: this photo (courtesy of the Morning Call) is actually rising sophomore QB Chris Bokosky showing his footwork at Murray Goodman this past Saturday at the coaching clinic/spring practice at Lehigh this past weekend.

According to this article from the Morning Call, nearly fifty coaches came to hear coach Coen and Lehigh assistant coaches talk about coaching fundamentals, and in the words of coach Coen "[to get] better at helping their kids".

Here's some love from the article:

"The thing I want to get across is how important it is to create an environment where the kids enjoy playing the game. That's what I've tried to do here. At the youth level, there are kids who want to be there and others who mom and dad are making go. Those are the kids who need to be convinced that this can be fun. It doesn't always have to be war, or su…