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How To Catch Lehigh/Yale (Broadcast Info), And Fearless Predictions

This weekend's Lehigh/Yale game, if you're not able to make it to New haven, will be available to be viewed onlint, but it will require a subscription and a fee to do it. It's available to on the Ivy League Digital Network , and you can buy it on a school day-pass basis (Yale's is $9.95) or on a league-wide basis ($14.95 for a month).  If you can't make it to both new Haven or Cornell in October, the leagues' monthly pass is the best deal - plus you can take a sneak peek at some other Ivy League games against Patriot League opponents, too. If you don't like shelling out the money (and believe me, I don't blame you), you can listen to the game for free on (or on the radio at AM 1230 and 1320 of the Lehigh Valley).  The reassuring voices of Matt Kerr and Matt Markus will be on the call. Game time is 1:00 PM. And I will also say that if you follow my Twitter feed (@LFN), I'll do my best to keep up with the action.

Game Breakdown: Lehigh vs. Yale, 9/20/2014

Brianna Yoo/Yale Daily News The game this weekend versus Yale, the first game in Yale's season, the first game in the season celebrating the 100th year of the Yale Bowl, is unquestionably a big one for the Mountain Hawks. That also applies to the Eli, too, thoush. “We’re excited about the opportunity [to play] against Lehigh,” head coach Tony Reno said. “We want to play great teams in order to be a great team.” Lehigh fans are hoping that playing doesn't equate winning.

Game Preview: Lehigh at Yale, 9/21/2014

New Haven Register When you Google "Yale Football", you get to Rory McIlroy and Caroline Wozniaki . The reason for that is the golf superstar and the rising women's tennis star showed up at at Yale a few years ago.  Apparently Yale's football team had been making a habit of showing up as a team at the New Haven Open and cheering Wozniaki on, so Caroline and her then-boyfriend Rory (wearing a Yale football jersey, at that), showed up at a practice. Head coach Tony Reno , though, is hoping that's not the only thing that shows up when you Google "Yale Football" after this season, which is the 100th anniversary of their football home, the Yale Bowl. The best way for Yale to kick off their 100th Yale Bowl season would be a win over Lehigh.

LFN Look Back: Lambert Cup Competition Adds Sizzle To Rivalry

Brown and White, 1957 Everyone had heard of the Lambert Trophy on the campuses of Lehigh and Lafayette. Awarded to the most outstanding college football team in the East, it was routinely won by some of the legendary big-school programs of the time.   Jock Sutherland 's Pitt teams and Earl "Red" Blaik 's Army teams dominated the Lambert Trophy balloting in the first couple of decades of the award. In 1957 the Lamberts and their board members, including Kermit Roosevelt , son of Teddy Roosevelt,  decided that there ought to be a Lambert Trophy for smaller schools in the East as well - schools that played against "major colleges", but didn't play the majority of their games against those schools. It gave an extra jolt of excitement to the Rivalry.

UNH Was An Object "Lesson" in FCS Football For Mountain Hawks

" Have fun writing this game up, " a journalist friend helpfully told me on Saturday when the Mountain Hawks fell behind 4-1. No, Virginia, it wasn't a whole lot of fun writing up Lehigh's drubbing by UNH . Losses are no fun for any Lehigh football fan, of course.  It's no more fun to write about a oh-so-close-to-a-win game against James Madison than it is to give up fifty points to your mortal rival . It was awful hard to grasp at some positives about a game which was pretty much over at halftime. But I did find some. The biggest one of all is that this is not the FBS, where a September loss can spell the difference of the plus-one playoffs and a mid-tier bowl. Even though Lehigh is 0-2, they are not knocked out yet.

No. 7 UNH Plays Like Championship Contenders, Buries Lehigh, 45-27

UNH Athletics It was not a good half of football. "I'm disappointed with today's outcome," head coach Andy Coen said after the game. "We never gave ourselves a chance. UNH really jumped us from the get-go and were very physical. We did not tackle very well. They really controlled every aspect of the game through the half." For Lehigh fans, it made for some tough viewing at the place they call the "Dungeon" on a rainy, grey afternoon in Durham, New Hampshire. New Hampshire scored touchdown drives of 71, 74, 84, and 90 yards in the first half, converting some 2-point conversions for good measure, to coast to a 29-0 lead.  They never looked back.