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Updated Spring Practice Dates

The 2005 Mountain Hawks have already had 4 spring practice dates, and this week will be having 4 more practices at the Ulrich Sports complex this week: Wednesday, April 6th (PM) Friday, April 8th (PM) Saturday, April 9th (AM) Sunday, April 10th (PM) Times are AM and PM due to the availability of the turf at Ulrich, so I was unable to get exact times. But you get the idea. They are free and open to the public. You would think (like I did) that with gale force winds (and 4 inches of rain in the Lehigh valley) that spring practice would have been cancelled this past weekend. However, I've heard from coach Lembo that the turf allowed the Mountain Hawks to hold their first 3 practices on time... and that they were "quite productive". Lembo also talked to Keith Groller of the Morning Call about the opening of spring football as well. Quotes: When asked to assess his goals for Lehigh's spring schedule, which began last Thursday and continues through the intrasquad game o