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Brown/White Game Press - The Best-Covered Spring Game Ever

(Photo courtesy of Kevin Mingora, The Morning Call) Junior QB J.B. Clark and junior WR Craig Zurn seem pretty excited about something in this picture - could it be all the press coverage of Lehigh's Sprng game? The press reports are in from the Brown & White game - including a photo gallery from the Morning Call (and one from yours truly - coming soon when I get a spare moment!) There are no fewer than three press release articles and three blog postings (including the one from yours truly), making this arguably the best-covered spring game in all of FCS. The consensus was that it things seem pretty hopeful on South Mountain after Saturday's final contact until August. The Morning Call: QBs Shine in Lehigh Spring Game ‘’We’re definitely headed in the right direction,'’ [Coen] said. ‘’This is the best I’ve ever felt at this time of year during my tenure here. I don’t know what that means, but I like the attitude of our guys and we’ve got a good recruiting class comin

White 53, Brown 20

It was a perfect day for a lot of things on Saturday: mowing the lawn, sunning yourself outside or simply going to the park. It was also a perfect day for the annual rite of spring for Lehigh football fans: the Brown/White Spring game, the official end to the spring practice season. In pristine 75 degree temperatures with a bit of a Spring wind blowing through Murray Goodman stadium, Lehigh's offense (the White) proved themselves up to the challenge of performing against the much-hyped defense (the Brown) with an impressive 53-20 showing . Compared to last year - when there was an open audition for the role of starting quarterback, and the signalcallers combined for a multitude of turnovers and interceptions - junior QB J.B. Clark and sophomore QB Chris Lum seemed determined to put that performance behind them. And their numbers bear that out: Clark went 15 for 20 for 92 yards and 2 touchdowns, while Lum went 12 of 16 for 155 yards and 2 touchdowns. Add to that the stats of j