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Competitive Disadvantage

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A 47-3 Loss to Villanova Simply Isn't Acceptable

Over the years, the Lehigh football program has always had very high expectations in every sense.   The expectations at Lehigh, as I've observed it, are: * That Lehigh football teams always have top football students academically as a member of their classes. * That Lehigh football teams always compete for Patriot League Championships, every year.  There is no such thing as a rebuilding year.  Championship droughts, and losing records, are supposed to be aberrations. * That Lehigh football, in the preseason has, as their goal, to win the FCS National Championship. Are those goals unrealistic?  At a point in time for this program, although the goals were lofty, they were not unrealistic.   Patriot League schools in the past have made it to the FCS National Championship game, and won multiple rounds in the FCS Playoffs.  Twice Lehigh had the ball with under two minutes to play against teams who would end up being FCS National Champions, with Lehigh in a position to win.  The history

Remembering Paul Reinhard

The year was 2004.   For about a year I had been blogging about Lehigh football, thanks to the relatively new Blogger platform that allowed me to collect my thoughts (as soon as I could get to a computer) and post them instantly on the internet.  It allowed me to post my thoughts mere hours after attending an event, well before the newspaper rolled off the presses early the next morning!  It was what separated me from being just an ordinary Lehigh fan, and strangely got me started on this path to covering sports.   In 2004, I started to write longform stories for an outfit called The College Sporting News, starting with an epic Lehigh/Colgate battle won by the Mountain Hawks in the last minute of play.  On the basis of that piece, I was able, through my editor at the time, to get a press pass to watch the game from the press box. It would be my first time watching a game in the press box, and the first time I would meet Paul Reinhard. If you read The Morning Call 's sports section

Hoping in 2021, the "Hope of the Next Game" Returns for Lehigh and Patriot League Football

What does a guy who covers the Patriot League do when there's no Patriot League events to cover? In ordinary years, this would be a rhetorical question.  Ordinarily, I would be pushing out pieces about Lehigh football, Patriot League sports, or perhaps previews on College Sports Journal , which I operate.  From early May through early January, during an ordinary year I am covering Lehigh football best I can while also coordinating writers that make excellent content on primarily G5 and FCS schools. In this hellish COVID year of 2020, the "what do you do now?" question became something I actually had to ask myself.   2020 for everyone on the planet has been a harrowing experience.  But I fully acknowledge and understand that me and my family have navigated this landscape probably the best we could, and we are damned lucky.  We've had family members who have had COVID, but the older members of our family clan, including my wife's 91 year old grandmother, have been s

Assuming the Ivy Is Cancelling Out Of Conference Games, Here's How Patriot League Can Have 9 Game Season

The Patriot League could very well be in a huge bind assuming the Ivy League goes forward with their college football restart plans. According to Mark Blaudschun of TMG Sports, the Ivy League is considering two plans for their 2020 college football season - neither of which allow for any out of conference games. 13 out-of-conference games involving Patriot League teams would be on the chopping block, and when you add to it the Patriot League presidents' guidance to not fly to games , every single member of the Patriot League is affected.  If you add to that the fact that the opening of the college football season is going to at best start in late September (yes, you read that correctly), the Patriot League would count as one of the most deeply affected by Covid-19-influenced delays and decisions in the entire college football landscape. It is a bind to be sure - but not one that should see the Patriot League cancel the 2020 football season. If we start with the assumption that t

Tom Gilmore Talks About The Incoming Recruiting Class

Late last week I caught up with Lehigh head football coach Tom Gilmore to ask him some questions about the incoming class and the recruiting season in general.  Here's what he told me.

Happy Mountain Hawk 2010s: The Top Lehigh Football Victories of the Decade

Happy holidays and hope everyone has a merry 2020 and beyond.  Here at LFN, we wanted to compile a post listing the best and most memorable victories in the 2010 decade as voted on by one superfan who's been doing this for a very long time. As the fine folks at Lehigh Sports remind us, the 2010s were particularly great from an aggregate standpoint.  A Lambert Cup-winning season (given to the best FCS team in the East), a 7-3 record against Lafayette, and a whole lot of individual achievements are just the tip of the iceberg. The 2010s were very good to us... 4️⃣ @PatriotLeagueFB titles 💍💍💍💍 2011 Lambert Cup 🏆 2️⃣l Playoff wins .595 winning percentage 42-18 PL Record 7️⃣-3️⃣ vs. Lafayette 1️⃣8️⃣ game PL winning streak 🔟 All-Americans 1️⃣ Walter Payton Award runner-up #GoLehigh — Lehigh Football (@LehighFootball) December 31, 2019 But in this wonderful decade there were individual games that were things to celebrate as well.  I st