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Assuming the Ivy Is Cancelling Out Of Conference Games, Here's How Patriot League Can Have 9 Game Season

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Tom Gilmore Talks About The Incoming Recruiting Class

Late last week I caught up with Lehigh head football coach Tom Gilmore to ask him some questions about the incoming class and the recruiting season in general.  Here's what he told me.

Happy Mountain Hawk 2010s: The Top Lehigh Football Victories of the Decade

Happy holidays and hope everyone has a merry 2020 and beyond.  Here at LFN, we wanted to compile a post listing the best and most memorable victories in the 2010 decade as voted on by one superfan who's been doing this for a very long time.

As the fine folks at Lehigh Sports remind us, the 2010s were particularly great from an aggregate standpoint.  A Lambert Cup-winning season (given to the best FCS team in the East), a 7-3 record against Lafayette, and a whole lot of individual achievements are just the tip of the iceberg.

The 2010s were very good to us...

4️⃣ @PatriotLeagueFB titles 💍💍💍💍
2011 Lambert Cup 🏆
2️⃣l Playoff wins
.595 winning percentage
42-18 PL Record
7️⃣-3️⃣ vs. Lafayette
1️⃣8️⃣ game PL winning streak
🔟 All-Americans
1️⃣ Walter Payton Award — Lehigh Football (@LehighFootball) December 31, 2019
But in this wonderful decade there were individual games that were things to celebrate as well.  I strove to pick the ten b…

#Rivalry155: Five Things to Watch, Keys To the Game, Fearless Prediction: Lafayette at Lehigh, 11/23/2019

Below, we're going to do a quick once-over of Lehigh's game notes and possible injuries, then we'll dive right into 5 things to look for with Sacred Heart, my Keys to the game, and the cherry on top will be my Fearless Prediction.

You can read my College Sports Journal preview of #155, complete with TV and streaming information, here.

Keith Groller of The Morning Call headlined his piece "Lehigh’s defense has been its best in years, but it hasn’t translated into a winning season". 

Additionally, Paul Reinhard of The Morning Call headline his preview "Lafayette football has more than just bragging rights on the line vs. Lehigh".

Game Notes There is some good news and some bad news in the game notes.

Last week, RB Rashawn Allen exploded back into the running back mix with his first 100 yard rushing game of the season, and explosive freshman RB Zaythan Hill will join him to hopefully be a great 1-2 punch for the Lehigh running game.  Last week, Lehigh was r…

#Rivalry155: Pregame Q&A With Head Coach Tom Gilmore

LFN: So it must be interesting being back here coaching in The Rivalry. 
Tom Gilmore: It is. I mean, you know, when you step back and you think this is the most played game in college football, that's pretty neat. And it's such a big rivalry. It's been around so long. The proximity is schools, the proximity of our alumni bases, it just makes this a special thing. And regardless of how the rest of the season goes, good or bad, or you always have that big game left at the end of a regular season, that's really special. No one else in our league has it. A lot of the Ivy League doesn't.  Only Harvard/Yale or Ohio State/Michigan, Cal/Stanford is anything like this. We have something really special here.  Adding to that is title implications.  Both teams have to hope that Holy Cross loses to Georgetown. But at the same time, if that does happen, if we win the game, we tie for the championship and if Lafayette wins the game, they win the championship. Having those implicat…

#Rivalry155: Pregame Q&A With S Sam McCloskey

LFN: Did you have a pretty busy class schedule this year?

S Sam McCloskey:  I got here late today as well. Tuesday through Thursday is pretty busy. Monday and Friday, actually, I'll have class.

LFN: What are you studying now?  And how has that been integrating with football?

SMC: An MBA type of technical entrepreneurship. There's definitely a lot to it, a lot of hours.  So at times it's actually been tough, you know, kind of balancing football practice and whatnot. But it's completely different than undergrad programs, really hands on. I like it a lot.  We get to work on our own venture. So I'm trying to work on that and we'll see where that goes.

LFN: Do you have anything lined up for the future?

SMC:  Probably end up in construction or real estate, something like that. That's where my interest has been, you know, throughout college. So that's cool.

LFN: How do you manage the Rivalry distractions?  What do you tell the younger players?

SMC: I think the tradit…

#Rivalry155: The Last Five Meetings

One of the nice things about having done this for long is that at my fingertips I can summon up the definitive account of the last five meetings of The Rivalry through my game recaps of the time.  Here's a quick summary of the last five times Lehigh faced off against Lafayette in the most important game of the season.  And heck - it's Throwback Thursday somewhere, right?