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Showing posts from April 16, 2006

Brown 30, White 24

This Saturday, on a wet October-like day, the Lehigh defense (Brown) played extremely well in a 30-24 win against the offense (White). With the halftime festivites cancelled due to the poor weather, some key spring injuries to senior FB Greg Fay and junior RB Josh Pastore, and a scant 90 scrimmage plays being called, it was certainly not a complete picture, especially offensively. But we did learn some tantalizing bits of information, and for sure some questions have been answered. What's to get excited about in the fall, first and foremost? That's easy. Defensive Coordinator David Kotulski's 3-4 defense may promise to give the rest of the Patriot League fits. With rising senior and team captain SS Julian Austin heading a strong, experienced secondary, an interesting linebacking unit led by rising senior LB Matt Mohler (who had an interception in the game), and a very strong senior front three in DT Royce Morgan , NT Paul Fabre and DE Eric Rakus , I sense we are going t

Spring Practice, and Why I Do This

Spring Practice is wrapping up very soon, cumulating with the Brown/White game on Saturday. I'll get to the hot rumors on what Lehigh's 2006 football team will look like in a moment. But I thought it would be a good idea today to remind people who I am, where I'm coming from, and why I'm doing this. I'm a 36 year old Lehigh alum. Although I never played football, I've always had a love for the game of football that has transcended the passsions of most. How did it happen? Perhaps it's because I never had the opportunity to play the game, since I went to a high school that didn't offer football. Football was a game played by people far away, and I lived the games through press reports, articles, and even short-wave radio (yes, folks, I actually lived in a pre-internet world). Maybe it's because some of the best memories I have of my college experience center around going to Lehigh football games, tailgating, and reconnecting with friends. Se