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2014 Week 0 Viewing Guide and Fearless Predictions

I'd rather do this than prepare for Colgate It's a strange feeling this Labor Day weekend, because it's both a full plate of college football yet an empty plate at the same time, since Lehigh is not playing. But you can enjoy a lot of games, many of them free to stream over the internet, that have an awful lot to do with the Lehigh football season. Because it's what we do here, we discovered that you, dear Lehigh football fan, can turn on your TV and computer at noon on Saturday, and watch non-stop FCS football action all the way to when you're either hitting the nightlife, or heading to bed, depending who you are. One of these games even includes former Lehigh head football coach Pete Lembo , as you'll discover below with my broadcast information and two-sentence picks.

LFN Look Back: Rivalry Narrowly Avoids Suspension During The "Great War", 1917-1918

It didn’t initially seem conceivable that war in Europe would affect the daily lives of American boys and men playing college football in Pennsylvania. Before World War I broke out, or the Great War as it was then called, President Woodrow Wilson pursued a strict policy of neutrality in regards to the trench battles in Belgium and France, echoing popular opinion. But when World War became inevitable, it naturally affected the campuses of Lafayette and Lehigh in the seasons of 1917 and 1918. Through the seriousness of war, the Rivalry continued where other college football seasons were halted, complete with much of the same pageantry. In tough times, the Rivalry provided a much-needed escape though the seriousness of the times.

Know Your 2014 Opponents: Bucknell

You might have been forgiven for overlooking them last year. After all, Lehigh always beat Bucknell.  It was what they did. The last time the Bison beat the Mountain Hawks anywhere, RB Rich Lemon was their star back, and Monica Lewinsky was still welcome in the Bill Clinton White House. But for a fifteen year stretch, the Bison couldn't beat Lehigh with a ten-point head start. So you might have been forgiven for not making the trip to Lewisburg fully anticipating No. 16. Except that, on October 26th, 2013, Bucknell changed the narrative. Bucknell didn't just beat heavily-favored, nationally-ranked Lehigh in their own house.  They put on the type of beating that left Lehigh fans absolutely stunned, a 48-10 stampeding that will not soon be forgotten by either side. Bucknell used to be another name on the Patriot League schedule for Lehigh to beat.  Now?  Their name is circled, a critical game in early October that will be a pivotal game for both sides in the Pa