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The Long Summer Wait... But Not For Brian Jackson

Yep, it's that time of year again. June, the toughest time of year to be a Lehigh football fan. The trickle of news slows to a crawl... except here at Lehigh Football Nation, where we keep our eyes and ears open for any morsel of news. For my part, I'm doing plenty to keep the Patriot League newsworthy: stirring up the pot on the FCS message board on Any Given Saturday , or posting information on the Lehigh Voy messageboard forums . That's in between time on the day job, writing for the FCS Yearbook (coming soon), and catching up on my FCS viewing (I still need to finish up watching the DVD of the "Goodman 20 Greatest Moments" ) and reading (I am finishing up my signed copy of "Magic On The Mountain" , by David Coulson of The Sports Network , the story of Appalachian State's FCS title run in 2005). Did I mention the closing on our new house will be later this month, too? The latest developments involve Lehigh senior DT Brian Jackson getting onto