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GTTS: Patriot League Offseason 2006

With my "contest" of renaming Lehigh/Lafayette extending into early next week, and the release of EA Sports' NCAA '07 to rail about next week as well, here's my annual feature which is sure to whet your appetite for Patriot League football this year. That's right - it's my annual recap of the offseason for every Patriot League team! Each offseason brings a lot of upheaval in college football - it's inevitable. New classes come in, coaches leave, and stars graduate. It's a lot to keep track of. As a service to you, the Patriot League fan, I've netted it out and compiled the important information from every offseason and compiled it here. Here's your guide to what's been happening up to this point. BUCKNELL Coaching Changes: A new offensive coordinator in Ashley Ingram cements the "spread option" offensive philosiphy in Lewisburg, while a new defensive line coach in Pat Kingman takes over as well. They take over for two coaches