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Showing posts from March 6, 2005

Richmond to Patriot - Officially Dead

Yep. It's dead now. From the Morning Call , Lehigh folks were cautiously optimistic, but also realistic about the chances, but now it's officially dead. The AP and Richmond Times-Dispatch have called it. All 12 A-10 institutions will now be called the CAA in 2007. For the stability of I-AA, this is probably a good thing. For the stability of autobids during the playoffs, this also will be a good thing. For keeping Fordham in the Patriot League fold, this is an outstanding thing. However, the Patriot League seemed to miss out on an opportunity to grow the league with a very good small private institition, even if it seemed like an afterthought by an indecisive Richmond school. Time will tell if Richmond and Villanova will come courting the Patriot in the future. In the meantime, Eastern I-AA football seems to (for the near future, anyway) be stable for the time being.