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Showing posts from June 26, 2016

On Criminals And College Athletics

Where does it ever end? That's the question I keep asking myself lately. It seems to have added up for me from six months of lunacy, one where collegiate athletic departments have been caught up with such a large number of horrifying incidents. There's serious allegations of rape by athletes at  Baylor  and Vanderbilt .  Louisville hiring prostitutes to lure in potential recruits.  The case of the Stanford swimmer who got off with a slap on the wrist after raping a young woman.  They are literally everywhere, with new twists and turns coming in so fast it's hard to keep up with it all. Even past scandals involving college athletes don't seem to keep themselves out of the news lately, either.  The Penn State Jerry Sandusky story that never seems to die got a new lease on life when alleged abuses were revealed as far back as the 1970s .  The when-will-it-ever-end revelations of  sham classes at North Carolina .  The continuous trickle of revelations at Miami