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Showing posts from May 6, 2012

Richmond Burning Final Bridges with CAA?

When the Patriot League allowed for member schools to offer conventional football scholarships this past winter ,  then Lafayette president Daniel Weiss noted that "we believe over time what this decision is in the best interest of the league because it will help us with future membership prospects." While everything I've heard still points to the Patriot League taking a cautious eye at expanding with new football-only or all-sports members, the League has definitely put themselves in a better position to attract potential new members in the maelstrom that is college football realignment at the moment. It is in this environment where Richmond athletic director Jim Miller waded, into a swamp where the CAA awaits word of a resolution of the Mexican standoff between Old Dominion, George Mason and Virginia Commonwealth and their potential exits from the conference. I feel his comments on conference speculation might spell the end of Richmond's relationship with

Colgate at Lehigh in November: Jim Rome Approves

Today, CBS Sports Network and the Patriot League announced their two-game national broadcast schedule for Patriot League football, and it had a major surprise. One of the games listed on their schedule was none other than the Lehigh/Colgate game on November 10th. What's surprising not was that a Lehigh game appeared for national broadcast - after all, last year's Lehigh/Colgate game up in Hamilton was broadcast on the CBS Sports Network as well.  It also wasn't surprising that Jim Rome , CBS Network's star power, gave the OK for the game as well.  (Well, we don't know that Mr. Rome has say over everything broadcast on CBSSN, but we can speculate, of course, right?) No, what was surprising was that this broadcast will be the first nationally-produced broadcast of a football game in Murray Goodman stadium.  Really.