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Showing posts from July 30, 2006

Patriot League Media Day: Lehigh Tagged to Finish 3rd

It's hard to know where to begin when it comes to talking about Patriot League Media Day. How to sum up the whirlwind of activity, addresses, and interviews? And, to top it off, a round of golf in egg-frying temperatures? Maybe this mash-up will give a different perspective on the event for Lehigh fans. I got my invite for Media Day by agreeing to interview as many coaches and players that I could for I-AA Waves, the only internet radio show devoted exclusively to national I-AA coverage. As I came into the reception area, I also recorded the opening comments from Patriot League Commissioner Carolyn Femovich for yesterday's I-AA Waves broadcast. The big news for Lehigh was that the Mountain hawks were picked to finish third in the Patriot League preseason poll, finishing behind Lafayette and Colgate. Once the press was allowed to ask questions, a rush of reporters flocked to the Lehigh table. With several TV crews there as well, it was a challenge to talk to coach Coen, junior Q

Ask Sedale Your D*** Self

Ever wanted to ask Lehigh's starting QB a question? Now you can. All you need to do is get your digital butt to a computer from 12:45PM to 1:05PM, where Sedale will be answering questions live at Patriot League Media Day. I'll be sitting down with Sedale during Media Day as well, where I'll be covering the event for and asking him burning questions that Lehigh Nation is dying to know, like: Which Dixie Chick is his favorite; or What does he think of Jay-Z coming out of retirement? Along the way I might ask him a few questions about football and his Lehigh experience as well. Write your own questions to Sedale, and he'll answer them Tuesday. Expect a special blog posting after Tuesday's Media Day as well detailing my experience.