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Showing posts from April 23, 2006

Press Roundup: The Becahi Bunch

The media reports are in, and we even got some pictures (courtesy of the Morning Call) of Saturday's practice. To my left is rising junior DL Ted Smith sacking rising junior QB Kevin Marshall , getting a little "contact". (It's encouraging to know that even the professional photographers get hazy pictures when covering a wet Lehigh game. I thought I was the only one!) The roundup around the mainstream press seems to show a lot of excitement about the local kids who appear to have the inside track for some of the starting roles, especially Bethlehem Catholic's WR Frank Trovato (rising senior) and also WR Pete Donchez (rising junior). They also share quite a few quotes from the eminently quotable junior QB Sedale Threatt . (The kid is a quote machine - it's always fun to hear what he's going to say next. His enthusiasm is catchy.) Curiously, the defense which impressed me so much didn't get a lot of coverage. I'm really surprised nobody pic