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CFB Week 4: Your Weekend Lehigh Fan Viewing Guide

It's that time of the week where I share with you your weekly Lehigh fan viewing guide for Week 4 of the college football season.  Why go to website after website when all the information you need is right here? Last week I was remiss in forgetting to mention Lehigh's broadcast information.  Tonight at 6PM, Lehigh at Princeton will be broadcast nationally on NBC Sports Network, and will also be available for live streaming on NBC Sports Live Extra , if your cable company supports it (you'll probably have to check for yourself). And I'll be listenting to the pregame on ESPN 1230 and 1320 of the Lehigh Valley, too, with Tom Fallon, Matt Kerr and Matt Markus .  That will also be live streamed here .

Game 3 Breakdown: Lehigh at Princeton, 9/21/2013

(Photo Credit:  Keith A. Muccilli / Trenton Times ) We break down the Princeton game - and we give our fearless prediction below the flip. Though I didn't get much help from the Ivy League website , doing the Princeton preview is always pleasant because I have a network of people that make it that way. The Big Green Alert and Roar Lions writers gave me a huge assist in making this week's preview.  They are always huge assets when it comes to anything about the Ivy League, and neither disappointed. And Princeton's game notes themselves are also, as expected, top notch.  It's a pleasure to read lead-ins like this: There is a reason why mid-terms are in October and finals are at the end of the semester. Students do the work class after class, week after week, and then get challenged afterwards.  Imagine getting your syllabus, having a couple weeks to do some reading, and then taking a major test during your first class.  That’s what you, as well as a natio

Game Preview: Lehigh at Princeton, 9/21/2013

(Photo Credit:  Keith A. Muccilli / Trenton Times ) "Once you have some positive things going, you start saying, 'Wow, I know Lehigh is a great team'.  We started playing football, and it was nice to see.  After this game, there's going to be some 'attaboys', 'good efforts' and everything else, but for us to improve as a team it's got to go beyond the great effort, the good effort, the hanging in there.  It's not enough.  It can't be the case.  It needs to be winning a game that we gave ourselves an opportunity to win." That was Princeton head football coach Bob Surace last year after his Tigers came close to beating the Mountain Hawks at Murray Goodman last season, but coming up just a bit short, 17-14 . Princeton's strong effort that Saturday last season was an indicator that the Tigers, who were 1-9 in 2011, were poised to be a much better team in 2012. They were. After a 5-5 season, where the Tigers beat Harvard and

"Where's Eli", or, The Quest for Ivy League Football Information

Lehigh's next opponent, Princeton, plays in their season opener this Saturday at 6PM. Based on the fact that it's Princeton's opener, as well as the opener of the seven other Ivy League schools, you'd think that the conference website would have plenty of articles evaluating the teams of the Ivy League, looking over offenses and defenses, checking out the prospects of all their member teams for the 2013 season. You'd think so, but you'd be wrong. I figured I'd share my experience with you, dear Reader, on my attempt to find out something - anything - about the Princeton Tigers from the Ivy League website.

Two-Minute Drill and LFN Players of the Week: Lehigh/Monmouth 9/14/2013

(Photo Credit: Justin LaFleur /Lehigh Athletics) Below the flip, enjoy this week's "LFN Players of the Week" and a Two Minute drill on the quotes from this Saturday's game. I've decided to break out the sneak peek at Princeton into a different blog post - for reasons that will be come clear.

My Vote for the FCS Top 25, 9/16/2013

My vote for the FCS Top 25 for the week ending 9/16/2013 follows below the flip. But first, by all means, enjoy this awesome shot of Fordham WR Sam Ajala winning the Rams' game against a BCS school in Temple. Want to know the margin between winning and losing?  This picture proves it.  It's officially four and a half inches, give or take an inch.

Is This Lehigh Squad Living On "Borrowed Time"?

As much as I sometimes regret to admit, I remember the group Styx, and I also remember the album Paradise Theater . One of the songs on that album, "Borrowed Time" (today's "Sunday Word"), reminded me a lot of how Lehigh is winning football games right now. The song, buried deep in my memory banks, perhaps not gracing my ears for more than two decades, struck me after the Mountain Hawks won their second improbable, impossible, game in a row. "Don't look now, but here come the '80s!" lead singer Dennis DeYoung croons. "Don't look now, but here comes the 2013 season!", the entire Lehigh football team seems to be telling me in the same way, flirting with danger, converting improbable plays into huge momentum swings, twenty-point deficits into touchdowns, losses into wins.