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Showing posts from February 7, 2010

Dartmouth's Decision To Drop "No-Loans"

(Photo courtesy No Doc Loans) As the full extent of the cost crisis in higher education hits home, colleges and universities have to make extremely tough choices. Dartmouth College recently made one this past weekend - one that affects all students currently attending the Hanover, NH college, but also the members of the football team: Dartmouth College announced Monday that it is restoring loans to the aid packages of students from families whose incomes exceed $75,000 -- ending a no-loans policy that was announced with much fanfare two years ago. Dartmouth will continue to exclude loans from the aid packages of those with smaller family incomes and will continue to be "need blind" in admissions, meaning that financial need will not be taken into consideration in admissions decisions.  Looks like some kids may need to refamiliarize themselves with a new type of institution - banks.  (more)

A Familiar Face Returning to Lehigh?

It started out as a rumor.  The Citadel faithful, home of former Lehigh head football coach Kevin Higgins , were unhappy with their disappointing 4-7 record in the 2009 season.  Higgins, according to this article in the Charleston Post & Courier ,   was going to take a "hard look at things" after their final game of the year, an ugly 13-6 loss to Georgia Southern.    The "hard look" actually ended up with Higgins' defensive coordinator (Lehigh veteran Issac Collins , who promptly was named head coach at Division III Widener ) and offensive coordinator (former Lehigh player and offensive mastermind, Dave Cecchini ) being shown the door. Today, however, came the bombshell from the Morning Call 's Keith Groller .  Citing a reliable "source close to the Citadel", the rumor is that something "is in the works" to bring Cech back to Lehigh.  (more)

One Happy Saints Fan

Two weeks ago at this time I wrote the following about DB Tracy Porter after his franchise-saving interception of QB Brett Favre : Favre made a mistake, but Porter made the play.  He saw the low throw, and saw precisely what he needed to do - anticipate, and get both hands under the ball.  The announcers seemed to put all the blame on Favre - a knock on him that he can't get it done anymore, that maybe he's a bit to arrogant.  That may be - but Mr. Porter deserves a boatload more credit than anyone his given him. I'll remember the coin flip in overtime, the pass interference call, the gutty drive, the leap by RB Pierre Thomas to get the first down, and the 40 yard FG by K Garrett Hartley .  But the image I'm going to have of this game forever is going to be Porter's interception - stepping in front of that low pass, both hands under it, and then taking off in a fit of adrenaline, giving the Saints a chance to win the NFC championship. It's incredib

One Excited Saints Fan

The picture to your left is me, on November 8th, 1992.  Fresh out of Lehigh and working in Connecticut, I paid a visit to my grandparents up in Marblehead and that afternoon took in a Saints game. The Jim Mora -led Saints were well on their way to another postseason appearance at this point.  At 6-2 - and only with losses versus the powerhouse Eagles and 49ers at this point in the season - the trip to 0-8 New England promised to be a pleasure trip right before a brutal trip to San Francisco.  For a Saints fan like myself, it most definitely was.  (more)