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Showing posts from April 12, 2009

Preview of the Brown/White Lehigh Spring Game

Some of you out there might perhaps be browsing over here for the first time, looking for information about tomorrow's Brown/White Spring Game. For those folks - and my regular readers, too- don't fret, a full-blown analysis awaits. But I thought I'd do things a bit differently this year. In years past I wrote a quick "players/position battles to watch" as well as some general observations. But during the season I post full game previews of each Lehigh game here at Lehigh Football Nation, complete with game notes, a weather report, "drink of the week", and a complete breakdown of the opposition. I thought I'd approach the Brown/White Game the same way this year. Obviously, this is a "mirror match", to take a page from Mortal Combat - the Lehigh offense knows its opposition this week, and it's the Lehigh defense. It should be spirited competition - with any sort of luck, free of any injuries. But that doesn't mean that there sh

Lehigh Joins Bone Marrow Match Program

While Saturday's Brown/White game will tell us important information about how Lehigh's football team will look in 2009, it's this Sunday - at Grace Hall on the Lehigh campus, from 12:30 PM to 3:30 PM - which could potentially provide life-saving information to someone with leukemia or another life-threatening disease. The Lehigh football program is joining up with twenty-nine college football programs (including Villanova, Penn, Temple, UMass, and Lafayette, to name a few) across the nation in a bone marrow testing drive to add to the national registry of blood marrow donors. It's important to note that all potential donors would be doing on Sunday is a cotton swab DNA test on Sunday - an easy process: Lehigh assistant football coach Donnie Roberts has been heavily involved in the upcoming event, and is looking forward to a strong turnout on Sunday. “The idea is to get your name on the national registry as a potential donor. What the test is looking for are healthy

Coach Coen Talks to LFN About the Spring Season

Not too long ago, I talked to coach Coen about this year's spring season with only a few practices left to go before the conclusion of the spring football season. While I didn't conduct the interview in the (very clean-looking) studios where the Lehigh Sports Magazine is filmed every week, here's my interview with him, and his thoughts on the spring season and how the team is shaping up. LFN: First of all, how does this year's spring season compare to those in past years? Coen: I think it's very spirited. We've had some spirited springs before, but this is a little different in that we're a little bit more settled in what we want to be doing offensively. Defensively, kids really understand the package now, some kids have been in the system for four years and now we're moving on and putting in a couple new wrinkles that we think can help us next year. There's a much different comfort level with and confidence level, with both the players and th