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Showing posts from March 25, 2007

Bill Simmons "Saves" Holy Cross

I think this will have to be done as an open letter to Mr. Simmons. Basically, for those of you that follow Holy Cross' famous sportswriting alumnus Bill Simmons , yesterday he posted an attempt at humor that pretty much insulted not only his alma mater, but anyone who feels passionately about Patriot League sports. (He also mentioned Holy Cross in his basketball blog that was equally as damaging.) In a nutshell, Mr. Simmons' thesis (you know I'm worked up when I call him Mr. Simmons) is that Holy Cross basketball "has a degree of difficulty every season" that isn't necessary, and (with tongue-in-cheek) makes some "suggestions" to improve the program. Some of his suggestions include NCAA violations ( "I want to be a booster. I want to break rules. I want to make a difference." ), getting a coach which looks the other way during recruiting violations ( "Replace Willard with a disgraced coach looking for a second chance, someone who

News from Spring Drills

Oh, yeah, it's spring . No doubt about it. I know it's spring because I, like many other crazy Lehigh football fans, are pouring over the new copy of the Spring Prospectus (just released by Lehigh), drinking up on the Alumni Bulletin's cover story on senior QB Sedale Threatt, and reading up on the latest ink from the Morning Call (Keith Groller's " Lehigh Digs In During Spring Drills "). And in all this spilled ink, there's plenty of fascinating information. I'd suggest you click these three links if you love Lehigh football, since if THESE articles don't get you pumped for September, nothing will. Let's start with Mr. Groller's piece in the Morning Call, which starts with the bombshell that four seniors have gotten medical exceptions and will be able to play a 5th year due to medical exemption: LB Travis Stinson, LB Rusty Campion, DB/WR Brannan Thomas , and C John Reese . The addition of these players - three of whom were starters