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Showing posts from January 31, 2010

Not The Weekend to "Buy American"

Despite the amount of "signing day" hoopla" - and there will be some more next week -there's an awful lot of winter sports taking center stage this weekend, with the final home wrestling duals before the EIWA championships and two huge basketball games this weekend - if any of them get played due to the impending "storm of the century".  (At least down here, closer to Philadelphia, that's what they're calling it.)

There's that football game in Miami, too, yet to play as well.  But before that, we have a ton of huge events at Stabler.  Let's all hope the snow holds off and we can "play two" at at Stabler, shall we?  (more)

"Signing Day" Recap, 2010

My intent for today's blog posting was to comb the world-wide-interwebs for pictures of signing day ceremonies involving Lehigh players - which ended up being a harder assignment than you may imagine.

For example, take the picture on your left there (courtesy of the Cincinnati Enquirer) of the graduating class of St. Xavier Prep, which was called "one of the best senior groups in more than two decades".  How hard is it to identify incoming DL Nigel Muhhamed, standing first from the left, with his Lehigh cap?

I didn't find too many other pictures - but I did find some press articles detailing some of the incoming recruiting class that is scheduled to be announced sometime next week.  All of that is detailed below.  (more)

The Day Before Signing Day Thoughts

For many football teams across the nation, tomorrow is indeed "signing day".  High school auditoriums right now are getting festooned with bunting, perhaps, or at a bare minimum streamers.  Some are preparing highlight reels to air as the athletes - with local press in tow - sign pieces of paper committing themselves to a school.

Though Patriot League schools are not committed to announce their recruiting classes on "signing day" - and, as a matter of fact, sometimes get some gems by being patient and waiting until after signing day to get more athletes - there are some thoughts I'm having as we find out exactly the names of the incoming football recruiting classes of 2014.  (And, of course, you can keep track of the my ongoing list the the confirmed Patriot League recruiting classes here.)  (more)