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Of Hamster Wheels And Losses to Georgetown

  I am an outlier.   I'm a fan of a 1-6 college football team, and I'm headed out to Bucknell next weekend, rain or shine, to watch two Patriot League squads with losing records face off against one another. I realize somewhere in my head that normal people don't do this type of thing. I have no kid playing for Lehigh or Bucknell.  I'm not paid by either school.  I am not paid to watch the game.  But I'll still go.  Like I've done so many times before, I'll still preview and watch the game. And I might get excited, or mad, or want to rip my hair out.  The outcome might cause a deep, gnawing pain deep in my gut or an overwhelming sense of cathartic relief.  But I'll still do it. Why?  It's a question I've asked myself many times over the years. Certainly a game like this weekend against Georgetown, a game were I look at my ripped-out hair, the deep, knawing pain deep in my gut, and the completely irrational anger I feel, definitely does make me pa