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Showing posts from August 20, 2006

My Take on the two-deep

Eight friggin' days away, and I very nearly can't stand it. We are currently in that uncomfortable time when the team is just about to be unveiled, yet there's just so much that we don't... know. Will senior DT Royce Morgan work through his "personal and academic" issues? Who's going to step up on the "O" line? Who's returning kicks? So many questions, and I just don't have the answers just yet. As we hit the last preseason two-a-days, we get this intriguing final report from showing some new faces to watch. Beleive you me when I say that my eyebrows were raised after reading the names. One of those wide receivers Coen was speaking of is sophomore Mike Fitzgerald, who caught three touchdown passes in the scrimmage. “Mike is really ready to take off. He had been out a few days with an injury (prior) to the scrimmage, but he came back in a big way. He’s very shifty with his moves and we’re looking forward to what he can do

More Clues from Saturday's Media Day

As we Lehigh fans get more clues on what our football team may be like in 2006, this picture to my left seems to show something: #11, senior ILB Travis Stinson, isn't fighting for a job - he's pencilled in. After the first scrimmage of 2006 this past weekend, some more answers... and more questions. Announcing media day this year were three online articles, one from , one from the Morning Call and one from the Express-Times . (There's a nice photo gallery as well from Media Day on the school website - but you may want to ask coach Coen why Kevin Ackler, Brannan Thomas, Greg Fay and Lee Thomas are *gasp* sitting down in their respective shots... a little winded, are we, from the picture-taking?) Nothing really new enough to warrant a press mash-up, but there are some interesting developments to take note: * The big bombshell from the Morning Call is that senior DT Royce Morgan is going through "personal and academic issues", and his status is unc